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ACM Business Networking "Leads" Group Meeting
• What we'll do The American Club of Madrid Leads Group Program began in 2016. This is a member-to-member professional business referral group. Participants attend their Leads Group to meet reliable vendors, establish a corporate network, increase company visibility, educate others about their products and/or services and, ultimately, increase sales. To participate in a Leads Group, one must be a member of the Club, or in the process of becoming a member. One industry per group only. More information can be found on the eventbrite registration page. ​You can contact Mike Brian, Chair of the group at [masked]. Not ACM member? You are welcome to try our group out for one meeting. Group structure & Rules: Leads Group member; Must be an ACM paying member Must apply Fill out Leads Group application One person per industry. This can be classified by specialty i.e. Real Estate agent who focuses on Residential vs Real Estate agent focused on Commercial Lead group member can only represent one business so if there are situations where a single person represent s various products and services then that person will need to decide what is their primary business Overlapping this needs to be decided. • What to bring • Important to know Register HERE:


Paseo de la Habana 9 · Madrid

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The American Club of Madrid means business! Join us to network with professionals living in Madrid. Did you know only 40% of our members are American? Another 40% are Spanish and the remaining 20% are other nationalities. Our events give you the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals, to learn, and to network to grow your business.