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Science and art both rely on observation and synthesis: taking what is seen and creating something new from it. Our society could hardly exist without either, but when they come together our culture is enriched, sometimes in unexpected ways....

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What Individuals Can Do to Achieve Healthy Ageing

This magnificent building in Belgravia is host to interesting talks on a diverse range of subjects, They are very generous with the reception after the talk. Meet the speaker after the talk and have them answer all your questions. Order your free ticket here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/what-individuals-can-do-to-achieve-healthy-ageing-tickets-60520471359?aff=ebapi Description As lifespans steadily increase, maintaining health during later years (healthspan) is becoming an area of intensive research. However, to date, no convincing and safe ‘healthspan drugs’ have been approved, and when they do finally appear, their registration will be based on limited numbers in clinical trials: it will take many years to collect convincing evidence of their long-term efficacy and safety in the wider population. Therefore, waiting for the ‘healthspan’ drugs is a poor option at present for all of us. During his Public Evening Lecture, Dr David Brown will summarise the latest evidence on lifestyle interventions we can undertake in this age of longevity. There is abundant scientific evidence in favour of interventions we can all make, including how lifestyle can protect DNA function, improve clearance of damaged goods from the body, reduce cognitive decline, reduce incidence of cancer - and even ways to protect the body from collateral damage if treatment for cancer becomes necessary. About the speaker Dr David Brown is a medical researcher with over 40 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology industry both in research and in senior executive roles. He served with 4 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies: Zeneca, Pfizer, GlaxoWellcome, and Hoffman La-Roche. Whilst at Pfizer he was named co-inventor on the patent for Viagra, and for 8 years he led the team that invented and developed Viagra through to proof of clinical efficacy in male impotence. The drug is also marketed for treatment of pulmonary hypertension under the trade name Revatio. He also had a pivotal role in the discovery of Relpax, a treatment for migraine. Together these three drugs have achieved sales of nearly $40 billion. While at Roche in Switzerland, he was a Director of the company and, as Global Head of Drug Discovery, he had responsibility for productivity of over 2000 scientists at Roche’s five research sites in the USA, Europe and Asia. Based in Cambridge UK, David subsequently co-founded antibody company Crescendo Biologics and also Healx Ltd (currently Chair of the board and CSO) which uses AI/ Machine Learning to find new treatments for children and adults with untreated rare diseases. He also serves on the board of ProFactor Pharma Ltd, Edinburgh (Chair), and Babraham Institute Enterprise Ltd, Cambridge (Chair). His personal research interests include anti-ageing, antibiotic resistance and reducing death rates from septic shock which has afflicted his own family. This event will be recorded and posted on the SCI website. Please note: some members of the audience may be in view during the question and answer session at the end of the lecture. Join SCI for its Public Evening Lecture series which is free and open to all.

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