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This group, Barcelona 2x2 Beach Volleyball (Advanced), is designed for advanced beach volleyball players who want to play very competitive 2x2 games.

Membership of this group is subject to approval by the organizers, to ensure that all members meet the required level of play.


Volleyball groups often suffer from people RSVP'ing to an event and then not coming, or people RSVP'ing and then canceling just before the event. Please be considerate of other attendees and people on the waitlist and cancel your spot if you are not going to come. If you RSVP “yes” to a meetup, and then don’t attend, a “no show” will be recorded. Once a person has 2 "no shows" in a calendar year, they will be banned for the rest of the year. We are strict about this rule.

Many thanks!

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Morning Volley on Bogatell Beach!!

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2x2 BVB - Thursday 10:30 - Icaria

Playa Nova Icaria

2x2 BVB - Wednesday 10:00 Icaria

Playa Nova Icaria

Morning Volley on Bogatell Beach!!

Chiringuito Vai Moana Cabaña