Seminar: How to better manage your thoughts & emotions

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Through your thoughts and emotions you directly influence everything in your life. You create your reality through the way you think and feel. So if you want to change your physical reality and what is happening to you, you have to change your mentality, as your mentality is just your perception of what is. And that happens through better understanding of yourself and your inner world - how you think and feel in regard to any subject - health, relationships, work, success, money, time, love, etc...

This seminar explores the connection between your mentality and your physical reality. It is divided into 4 sections:
1. Why is it important to understand and have control of your mind?
2. What is a thought and emotion?
3. How do we better understand the mind, emotion and its connection to our reality?
4. Tips to breakthrough your recurring negative and dysfunctional thoughts to have better control over your health, relationships, work and more.
5. Real life examples, questions and conversation.

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If things in your life are not flowing the way you would like to and you are often feeling unbalanced, frustrated, stressed, impatient and even unhappy or angry, it's time to change it.

In this seminar I invite you to explore this fascinating topic, where I will be talking about how to better understand your mind and emotions and their connection to what's going on in your life right now. It will be a unique moment for inspiring insights and aha moments - something that will wake up your motivation to take action towards the realization of what you most want and need.

There will be a room for questions, sharing ideas and experiences. So if you feel like it's a good idea to cool off from this heat and let one afternoon to lift you up from the daily routine, come on in!

Looking forward to meet you :)

To your Health & Freedom!