Wednesday Cafe Co-Working & Lunch


We are currently trialling a new venue for our group coworking and we have been welcomed to Ebano in Poble Sec.

So if you are tired of working alone come along and join us. Keep working on your own stuff, but in good and inspiring company.

Please note that consumption from the restaurant is mandatory for us to be able to use their space for coworking, so at around 13:00/13:30 we'll have lunch together. They do a great value menu del dia for 9.50 euros.


We are here from 10:00 - 18:00, so come whenever you want, but sometimes it gets full, so don't come too late ;) We have a good opportunity to connect at lunch-time, so don't miss out on that if you want to get to know everyone a bit better.

Bring your laptop and join us! This is what you get:

• A great co-working environment with inspiring, like-minded people.

• Enjoy nice company instead of working alone from home.

• Get to know people with the same lifestyle as you.

• Get work done, with the opportunity for small talk in-between (just like an office environment, but without the boss!). Good quality food

• (Food & drink to be paid directly at the bar before leaving) Get to know each other over lunch

• Over lunch-time we sit together, chat and get to know each other better, make new friends and sometimes even make a new business connection.