Próximo Meetup

Let's Go! First Sessions are scheduled. Introduction of Members & Director(s)
Hi Guys, This first meeting will be for introductions to BGVR Chorus, to each other and to our proposed Choral Director, Filippo. He and his team from Barcelona Vocal Factory ( ) are eager to work with us and to possibly, eventually, occasionally coordinate our group with their existing Vocal Factory "Broadway Chorus". Needless to say there are many details to be worked out including locating a solid, central, studio location. There will be no fees for this initial meeting on the 22nd but monthly member fees TBD will be initiated later. Individual member input at these first meetings will be critical to get this group going in the direction we all desire so please do your best to attend on Thursday the 22nd. Subsequent meeting will likely be 6 December. I would expect that a weekly schedule could be settled on after the Christmas and New Year Holidays.


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