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Lo que hacemos

This is an open Project for EXPERIENCED MUSICIANS ONLY! we gather all skilled musicians interested in jazz-funk as well as jazz or latin music. There is at least one open session every week to meet new people and exchange music. We need PROACTIVE PEOPLE, willing to propose ideas, seeking for gigs and making thinks happen.

SKILLS? You must have a fair notion of SOLFEGE and JAZZ HARMONY. We intent to visit Bebop language as well as modal and funk approaches. Repertoir: depending on the musicians we get to meet, the repertoir could vary from Bop and hard-Bop from the '50s (Charlie Parker, Wayne Shorter, Lee Morgan, Joe Henderson, ....) to more '70s funkish stuff from Maceo, Billy Cobham, Freddie Hubbard, Weather Report ...

SINGERS: working with singers requires a specific approach; learning singer's repertoir, sometimes in their tonality, composing arrangements around the singing part....This is difficult to comply with short-term musical encounters. Singers might not find here allready set-up bands , both rythm and brass sections willing to do that job for them.

On the other side, we are totally open for MC's, RAPPERS ans DEEJAYS since it fits perfectly with the existing jazz-funk repertoir. (please contact me, I have a project for that...)