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Medical Exercise for Back Pain My Medical Exercise Training is designed for especially those of you who suffer from back pain and it is suitable for all fitness levels, following my guidance. No previous experience required. The 1 hour class focuses on: - activation our Deep Stabilizing System (deep placed - often referred to as the forgotten muscles, that are responsible for spine stability). Fun and easy to learn breathing techniques will make you aware of parts of your body you may not even know you have. - introduction to safe strengthening exercise techniques, focused mainly but NOT ONLY on our back ( a really useful souvenir you can take home from your vacation?) - quality stretching You can expect to learn how to improve not just your general fitness level by exercising safely but also improving your medical conditions whatever they might be, however this very class focuses mainly on back exercises. As a medical fitness specialist I am familiar with a variety of clients, some who only want to improve their overall health and fitness level, as well those with a wide range of medical conditions. If you should be interested in a private class whether you never exercised before with or without a medical condition or you are a professional athlete who has suffered an injury and want to get back on the track faster , do not hesitate to contact me. I speak Czech, English, some Hungarian and German. All you need for this class is a beach towel, comfortable outfit and a bottle of water. Classes are free. Donations are appreciated. Location: Barceloneta, the last corner of the beach, just outside W Barcelona Hotel. Looking forward to our first training.

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Medical Exercise for Back Pain

Barceloneta beach in front of Desigual

Medical Exercise for Back Pain

Corner of the beach, outside W Barcelona Hotel