Lo que hacemos


This is a group for anyone interested in experiencing themselves via meditation, learning the 'how-to's', and practically applying meditation and breath-work to their every day life in an effortless manner. Class will be held from 1 - 3 times per week at different locations around Barcelona. The classes will be practical and educational, allowing everyone to experience different types of meditation, qigong, and breath-work, from a long-term experienced practitioner. The group will be led by Chris(Irish), who is a qualified acupuncturist, self development coach, and massage therapist. He also works with medical qigong and energetic tantric bodywork to enhance his patients lives, health, power, and wellbeing. We are never given a manual for our mind, or how to quiet it. People lived very stressed lives. The purpose of these meetups is to assist you in aligning to your authentic self, feeling your power, and eliminating stress :-) Beginners are VERY welcome!