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Meditation and healing events in Barcelona!


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About Meditation and Healing Work

Many of us have been conditioned in various ways to cut off from our deeper selves, feeling the need to protect our hearts and reject our inner knowing.

This disconnect can show up in many ways; including anxiety, depression, addiction, or physical illness.

Hiding your light brings imbalance; emotionally, mentally and physically.
Any crisis, great or small, is an opportunity for healing!

In healing work, my role is to be a catalyst. For your opening heart and joyful growth.

I am committed to a grounded and authentic way of working- acknowledging the shadow; insecurity, fear, lack, control, and surrounding it with tenderness, in order for you to live with greater freedom.

Personal transformation is important to me because as we continue to heal our inner worlds, we heal the world in whatever we do.

Muchos/as de nosotros/as nos hemos visto condicionados de diferentes maneras para desconectar de nuestro yo interior, sintiendo la necesidad de proteger nuestro corazón e ignorando nuestra sabiduría interior.

Esta desconexión se puede manifestar de diferentes maneras; incluyendo ansiedades, adicciones, depresiones o enfermedades físicas.

Tapar nuestra luz nos lleva al desequilibrio: emocional, mental y físico. Cualquier crisis, grande o pequeña, es una oportunidad para la sanación.

Mi rol es acompañarte en tu proceso de sanación para facilitar la apertura de tu corazón.

Mi trabajo nace de un compromiso con la conexión con la tierra, del reconocimiento de nuestras sombras: inseguridades, miedos, carencias, control, siempre desde la ternura, para que podamos vivir con mayor libertad.

La transformación personal es importante para mí porque cuando sanamos nuestro mundo interior sanamos el mundo con todo lo que hacemos.

About me

I grew up in idyllic English countryside, so a part of me is forever playing in the woods.

I spent my childhood doing ballet, sewing outfits for my stuffed animals and feeling inexplicably on edge.

Finding it hard to be a human and to perform well in life, I learnt various destructive ways to cope, which I now unlearn each day, instead looking within for peace and wholeness.

The remembrance that only inner work could bring freedom was a slow burn, beginning as a teenager with therapy, mindfulness and yoga. Most often, the reminder came in the form of emotional pain and unmanageability: the result of looking to the outside for relief.

My greatest passion (as well as playing in the woods or seaside) is sharing with others ways to come alive through their inner resources.

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