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Over delicious plant-based food in my soothing Poble Nou casa, I'll be hosting groups throughout Spring to share the principles of what I coach – Mind-Body Nutrition. First of all, what IS Mind-Body Nutrition? Well, it's a way of looking at the mind-body as one holistic entity, in order to understand how the mind can often sabotage our food choices, beliefs about our body and food, and ultimately compromise our freedom around food and self image. I work with small groups and in one-on-one coaching to unearth the old limiting beliefs and behaviours that so many of us have around food and body image.

After all, we are what we think – as much as what we eat. Once we get to work discovering where our mind has been keeping us stuck and stressed around food, we'll then learn how to reconstruct our thoughts and feelings to eat in a way that supports your body and your goals to feel great in the skin you're in.

This is a supportive, dynamic group for anyone who wants to let go of life-long dieting, negatively obsessing about food and exercise, body image anxiety or dysmorphia, a sense of confusion about how to eat for your body's needs, serial calorie counters and and anyone with an unhealthy hang up with food that they finally want to sort out in a constructive, fun-filled environment. I help you to let go of miserable diets, rules and punishing exercise plans. This workshop is essentially an unlearning - and a new pathway – towards eating, connecting with and finally starting to make peace with your body. Plant based tapas and a caring, fun environment guaranteed.

See you soon!
Jen, Founder, Mind + Plate

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