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What could be a better relaxation in these sunny days than to have yoga in open air, at the beach, in parks or on a rooftop? We invite you to join us in our outdoor yoga classes of Hatha yoga, a slow paced, steady style of yoga, and Ashtanga yoga, a more dynamic, energizing type of yoga, both suitable for all ages, levels and abilities.
We organize indoor prenatal and mom and baby yoga sessions as well.

Yoga is an ancient system of exercises that has evolved over the millennia in India. Introduced to the West less than hundred years ago, yoga has proven itself to be of great value for westerners as well. The harmonizing effects of yoga has been experienced by many people and documented in scientific studies. Yoga is also useful in dealing with stress and its side effects.

We believe that every yoga session is a new adventure, building strength, flexibility and balance that you can take from your mat into everyday life.


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