Performance analysis and optimisation on the JVM

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Hi all,

I've been exchanging emails with the organisers about setting up an event sometime in May about performance on the JVM.

The idea is to explore some approaches to analyze performance, understand how factors like memory management, concurrency or IO influence our applications, and discuss some techniques that can improve existing ones, or guide the new designs. Any additional ideas would be, of course, welcome.

I've also submitted a proposal to the JBCNConf for a workshop on the same topic and I'm sure there would be useful ideas/material from this session in case the workshop gets accepted.

If there is interest in organizing the Meetup, let us know and we'll confirm a date/venue. We're considering a working day evening between May 9th - 20th.

Let me know what you think!


This talk is aimed at developers interested in understanding the performance of applications written for the JVM. We'll try to give a broad overview of tools (from the JDK, OS to JMH, GcViewer, Flamegraphs, etc.) that can help us understand their behavior both on production and development. Using practical examples that expose common patterns we'll trace them back to decisions taken on development, discuss the cost of abstractions, coordination, etc. and consider some alternatives to alleviate them.