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The Craft’s FREE Open-Mic Music Show
Please like the Facebook pages for more news on events: Every Tuesday and Thursday, The Pumpage Network brings you one of the best Open-Mic Music shows of the city down at The Craft. Grab one of the bar’s excellent artisanal beers, some of their delicious tapas and sit yourself down in the downstairs stage area for a great night of non-stop music! The musicians that we get up on stage are mostly - well… you! We get audience members signing up on the spur of the moment to grab a guitar, the bass, drums or just a microphone to belt out their favourite ballad with. Anyone that gets up to show what they’re made of gets two pinchos and a free beer - and of course gets to be a diva for a day! Besides our surprisingly impressive audience members, we also get the lucky visit from one of Barcelona’s more seasoned local performers, who never fail to blow the show away with their breathtaking talents.Depending on who’s playing, we often end the night with a big jam with some of the best musicians! Aside from the great music, The Craft is an excellent place to be. They have a huge range of artisanal beers, as well as delicious tapas. Looking for more great events in Barcelona? Check out our site here:

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