Coffee and WordPress

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Hey let’s Meetup to plan our free WordPress Training event that we will offer the community.

A person can build a great career off of learning some basic introductory skills about how to install a WordPress website and set it up as powerful application for business, non-profit, or personal expression.

These skills are valuable and not always easy to get. When you can find them you usually have to pay, and you aren’t connected to a community of knowledge.

We want to make them available free, to improve our community and contribute to making more jobs available that can pay the bills and give back to the community.

WordPress Web Design is not difficult to get into, and there are a multitude of paths - graphic design, visual design, web development, html, CSS, PHP, JS,
Plugin Development, Theme Development, Digital Marketing, Survey Design & Data Science, Blogging, Podcasting, eLearning, eCommerce, Communications, eMagazine, News...

These learning and career paths can all be opened up by simply being taught how to install an open source WordPress framework. You just take it one step at a time. Let’s start with first steps.