Lo que hacemos

Are you a CTO in a company based in Barcelona? Join our group and share your knowledge and tips with colleagues!

We hold regular meetings where CTOs will present their latest progress, tech stack and share their day to day experience including, but not limited to, recruiting process, salaries, tech profiles etc.

Our Meetups typically last 1 hour and are followed by a networking session, in accordance to this format:

• Keynote Talk (~20 minutes): a CTO from a popular and well-known company shares his/her experience (e.g. goals, achievements, tips, etc.)

• Product Talk / Short Talk (~10 minutes): a founder or CTO presents his/her company and product.

• Discussion (~30 minutes): a moderator (either the event organizers or a guest) will foster the discussion about relevant topics emerging from the talks or spontaneously from the audience.

• Networking (+ beers)

Although this event is mainly addressed to people who currently cover the role of CTO in a company, all members of the community (including, but not limited to, developers and tech enthusiasts) are more than welcome!


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