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Lo que hacemos

My partner and I recently moved to the city and are seeking others who share similar interests. We love exploring new places and creating new content. Photos, videos, Snapchat. We want to create professional looking content that draws the attention of your audience.
We love to model, shoot, and play behind and in front of the lens.
Don't be intimidated! We were all beginners once. Let's learn what it takes to become professionals together. Patience is a must as we grow.
So let's bring some drinks and herb, relax and create a beautiful product while working with each other. Every two weeks, we will meet somewhere different and shoot.
Seeking dedicated individuals who go after what they want in life. We love to have a good time but are most importantly dedicated and focused. Couples, solo, or in groups, it doesn't matter. Anyone with drive is welcome to join 😀
Do you have what it takes to rise creatively? We believe so!

Please bring with you:
* Any gear you may use to shoot. We aren't rich and run with just the bare essentials. A D7100, two lenses, phones, and sometimes a GoPro Hero3.
* Clothing if you plan to model multiple pieces
* Basic photography skills. We aren't here to learn exposure, metering, or aperture. What we are instead here to practice is framing, composition, and lighting.

We're looking forward to meeting you!