Lo que hacemos

Hello, I am Laura and I am a Life Coach & Motivational Trainer.

With this group I want to build a community of people who are eager to create a life filled with passion, purpose and love.

So maybe you feel a bit lost at the moment?
Maybe you don't really know what your purpose in life is?
Maybe you want to change carreer but don't know how?
Maybe you want to become happier and live life to the fullest?

Then this is the right group for you!
Together we will support each other along the way, push ourselves and make sure that we lead a life that makes us truly happy!

I will organize workshops and gatherings on a regular basis to provide you with Life Coaching tools and strategies to help you along the way.
Together we will support each other, make change happen and build a strong community of leaders and happiness ambassadors.

A few words about me:
I was working in a successfull career in international companies for many years but always had the feeling that there could be "more". So I quit my well-paid job, left my beautiful flat, friends & family behind and started to travel in South East Asia. After travelling for some months I decided that I would swap my cubical back home for crystal clear water and started to work as a dive instructor on a small, tropical island in Indonesia.
After 1,5 years in Indonesia and teaching hundreds of people how to dive I decided to move back to Europe, do a Life Coch training and help people to follow their hearts as well.
Now I support people from all over the world to get clear on what they want, help them to find their life's purpose and develop a clear action plan to help them reach their goals.
I am originally from Austria and am currently moving between Barcelona and Vienna.

I am looking forward to meeting you and hear your story :-)
Love, Laura