Lo que hacemos

The Coding Academy Barcelona is the reference coding bootcamp in Barcelona powered by Epitech, the leader IT graduate school in Europe.

This is an open group for all these passionate on digital technology that would like to learn more about this amazing domain and all their challenges and opportunities.

We organize different activities along the year as inspiring conferences, presentations about innovation, entrepreneurship and coding workshops.

We like to stay with all kind of people interested to learn and to share their vision, knowledge and best practices,..!!

Our activities are mainly performed on the Epitech Campus ( graduate IT school) in Barcelona.

Próximos eventos (3)

The User Experience (UX) key elements for the Fintech domain

campus Epitech Barcelona

Would you like to know the importance of the UX and UI design to improve the customer satisfaction ? Which are the key elements of a good UX design ? During this meet-up Carlos Gutierrez ,UX/UI manager at Kantox will introduce you in some of the best practices with an introductory conversation about the role of a UX designer in a FinTech company and how to create financial products if you have no specific financial background. Differences between B2B and B2C services from the UX perspective.

Data Value: extracting value from data

EPITECH Barcelona

Information about customers has always been tremendously important for companies. The introduction of analytical software brought however drastical changes to the data industry -allowing companies to predict and prescript the future based on customer behaviour. During this meet-up Roger Vila , Big Data Projects at CaixaBank will reveal us how big data is used to better know our customers.

French Tech Barcelona presentation

campus Epitech Barcelona

Would you like to know much more about the French Tech Barcelona ? How this french association is supporting a very rich start-up ecosystem in Barcelona? Guillaume Rostand , his president and CMO at Liligo.com is coming to present the new french Tech organization, their mission and different activities in Barcelona and around Europe.

Eventos anteriores (15)

Open day at Coding Academy Barcelona

campus Epitech Barcelona