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London Meetup for all interested in Connected Data technologies and developments. This includes Graph Database, Linked Data, semantics, Knowledge Representation and AI experts, users, enthusiasts and newbies.

Topics at meetups so far have included:

- Linked Data in publishing, Financial Services & Telecoms

- Knowledge Representation and Explainable AI

- Graph Databases in Financial Crime & Product Recommendations

- Knowledge Management

- Ontology development & Data Modelling

- Network analysis in Bioinformatics

At the 9th meetup we tried to agree a simple description for the group to help clarify the topics that we typically discuss:

“Connected Data is a collection of related Disciplines & Technologies where the relationships, rules, structure, meaning & context are treated as first class citizens”.

The group also has an annual London conference which attracts thought leaders from around the world - this year's conference is on 16th November at the IET in Central London - see the website here: http://connected-data.london (http://connected-data.london/video-gallery/)

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Knowledge Graph applications in the Legal profession & Fashion industry

We have 2 great speakers for our July meetup - JHok-Him Poon of & George Cushen of Farfetch. As per usual there will be pizzas & refreshments available courtesy of our sponsors - www.connected-data.london . Doors open at 6.30pm with talks starting at 7pm. To speed up entrance to the CodeNode please register for the meetup on their website https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/12837-knowledge-graph-applications-in-the-legal-profession-and-fashion-industry?admin_preview=true ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaker Hok-Him Poon, CTO Aspirant Analytics Title Transforming legal recruitment with a market knowledge graph Abstract Running a law firm can be like running a football club – you pay a high price in order to convince a key player to join your team. It's no easy task. How to find the right person – with the right experience – with the right book of clients? A live knowledge-base of lawyers can answer that where LinkedIn cannot. In this talk we explore how we at Aspirant Analytics used graph technology to build a highly automated knowledge eco-system, and turned a side-project into a legal market insight product. We'll see how being able to explore the legal market in this manner also inspired unexpected ways in which the knowledge graph creates value. Bio Hok-Him is the Founder & CTO of Aspirant Analytics, a People Analytics startup based in Shoreditch. With a Computer Science degree from Cambridge University, Hok-Him had a past career of over 10 years as a software developer and tech lead at Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs. A keen rock-climber, nature-lover and geek at heart, he is drawn to challenges, life-hacks and self-improvement. He is a strong believer of social responsibility and the key role that technology plays to achieve it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaker: George Cushen, Lead Data Scientist @ Farfetch Title: Knowledge Graphs and AI to Hyper-Personalise the Fashion Retail Experience at Farfetch Abstract: What is the key to the holistic success of the fastest growing and most successful companies of our time globally? Well, often the key is the rapid increase in collected and analysed data. Graph databases provide a way to organise semantically by classes, not tables, are web-aware, and are superior for handling deep, complex relationships than traditional relational or NoSQL data stores. It is these deep, complex relationships that can provide the rich context for hyper-personalising your product offering, inspiring consumers to purchase. In this talk, we describe how we are using artificial intelligence at Farfetch to not only help build a knowledge graph but also to evolve our insights with state-of-the-art graph-based AI.

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