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Our meetup connects content strategists. Join our regular events, or follow along with @ContentSeattle. Together we explore how content can meet the goals of our users and organizations. Our events bring us together to dig into a range of content strategy-related topics. We hope you’ll join our community of content wonks and bring your unique perspective. Check out our website at contentstrategyseattle.org.

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Content research: Building your visibility & impact

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Learning how to run and analyze content research studies can be empowering for content designers. But how do you carve out the time to do it when you’re often spread thin and pulled in too many directions? Drawing on her just-published book, Strategic Content Design: Tools and Research Techniques for Better UX, Erica will share practical and energizing steps to take to include content research into everyday content strategy and design work.

A few key topics we’ll cover:

* Cultivating buy-in from your manager and stakeholders
* Carving out time for content research
* Identifying what specific content you want or need to evaluate
* Running content research studies efficiently
* Sharing results for maximum impact

About Erica
Erica Jorgensen is a staff content designer at Chewy.com and the author of Strategic Content Design: Tools and Research Techniques for Better UX, published in April 2023 by Rosenfeld Media. She's a content designer, content strategist, and team leader determined to bring greater respect to the content field. To that end, Erica speaks frequently at conferences including UXDX USA, UX Lisbon, Microsoft Design Week, the Web Directions Summit, and Button: The Content Design Conference, and on podcasts like The Content Strategy Podcast with Kristina Halvorson and Content Insights podcast with Larry Swanson.

In addition to working in content roles for companies of all sizes, she has taught at the University of Washington and Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts. Erica earned her B.A. from the University of Connecticut and M.A. from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism.

In her free time, you can find her exploring Washington State’s wineries or hiking with her husband and rescue dog, Rufus.

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