ONLINE Zenroom WORKSHOP on a cryptographic virtual machine

Devcentralised - Madrid
Devcentralised - Madrid
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Finally we will have a 2h ONLINE workshop.
So we can meet together virtually and learn about Zenroom technology.

The workshop will be a little bit shorter but it will cover almost everything mentioned (maybe less in-depth). In any case, if the situation reverts, hopefully, in May we will have Jaromil and Andrea in Barcelona for a hands-on workshop.

In order to jump in the webinar please register to the platform, note that this is our first time using a tool like this so thanks for your patience.
Here are the final details.

NEW TIME: 19th March - 18:00- 20:30


Zero Knowledge Proofs are among the most fascinating concepts in cryptography today, enabling global privacy-preserving systems. We have heard about optimistic roll-ups, znarks, starks…

This time the project that will be presenting is Zenroom, a very interesting approach to ZKP.

And what is Zenroom? It is a cryptographic virtual machine that executes sophisticated cryptographic schemes, including elliptic curve pairing on a wide range of cryptographic curves and the “Coconut” scheme developed by UCL in the project. Zenroom’s has a completely isolated virtual machine built in it, which can be programmed in Lua or in “Zencode” its own non Turing complete domain-specific language, which can be written and read by non-programmers. Zenroom is written in ANSI C99, making it very performant, requiring minimal resources. Using continuous integrations Zenroom is built on a variety of platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, WASM) and its automated tests allowed to prove a high level of determinism in a multiplatform execution environment. Zenroom is already being used in pilot deployments by non-affiliated third-party developers.

In this event, they will be presenting the project
and explaining how the Crypto VM works and the usage for developers.

This meetup is organized by Caelum Labs.
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##Preliminary agenda
19.00h - Welcome
19.15h - What is zenroom?
20.00h - Q&A and Beers, thanks to Estrella Damm :)

And if this is not enough for you, join us in our Zenroom three-hour workshop the same day follow the link to be part of it:

About the Speakers -
Denis “Jaromil” Roio (Ph.D.): hacker, artist and activist, Jaromil codes in C and is co-founder of foundation.

Andrea “BARIO” D’Intino: technologist and entrepreneur, Andrea worked with 3D-Printers, 3D-Scanners and video-game dev.