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Content Strategy for eCommerce
How to attract organic visitors to your site without cannibalizing your product. We all know that great content drives organic traffic to websites, but for eCommerce websites driving traffic to a blog vs. a page that allows for a sale can hurt your bottom line. How should eCommerce sites optimize their content strategy to maximize organic traffic and revenue? Emma Kobilensky is Marketing Manager at Prezly More about Emma Kobilensky:

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    Lo que hacemos

    Este grupo es para cualquier persona interesada en el uso de técnicas de Marketing Digital.

    Únete para compartir experiencias, hacer contactos con otros profesionales o aficionados al marketing y aprender sobre tendencias y mejores prácticas a través de charlas, talleres, etc.

    Si te interesan temas como mobile Marketing, redes sociales, creatividad digital, SEO, SEM, Analítica Web, Usabilidad, UX, Marketing de Contenidos, Marketing Automation, etc. éste es tu grupo.

    El idioma que usamos en esta comunidad es el Spanglish. Se puede hablar en inglés o en español de manera indiferente.

    ¡Se aceptan propuestas de ponentes y temas! :-)


    This group is for anyone interested in the use of different techniques in the world of Digital Marketing.

    Join us to share your experiences, to network with other marketing professionals or fans and learn from the best practices and tendencies through talks, workshops, etc.

    If you are into mobile marketing, social networks, digital creativity, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Usability, UX, Content Marketing, Marketing automation, etc. this is your place!

    We speak Spanglish. English or Spanish, you can choose the language you are more comfortable with.

    We are always happy to receive new speakers and suggested topics! :-)



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