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Content Writing Strategies for SEO

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Google has stated (repeatedly) that "content" is among its top three ranking factors, but what makes content "good" from an SEO perspective? The fact of the matter is as a content writer online, you need to impress your clients. And what do your clients want?




These 3 things are all that matter. Every other metric comes in second place when it comes to your content marketing strategy.

But there's good news! The more useful the content you have on your site, the more likely you are to increase traffic for your clients, thus resulting in leads, then finally revenue.

This meetup will be led by SEO Specialist Sonia Ingriselli where she will go over 10 content writing strategies that will help you acquire more organic traffic. She'll show you the most basic SEO strategies to apply to your writing strategies.

This meetup will be in English

About the speaker:

"I grew up in Sudbury Ontario, Canada, a mining city, where I never really quite fit in. I only extended my stay because my parents said they wouldn't pay for my education outside the city. So to punish them for that I went to school twice. I hold a degree in Journalism and Software Engineering. It was back in the mid 90's when the internet and Google hit the scene. I became obsessed with search engines and how to crack their algo's. From that point on I've worked for several technology companies but kept my SEOing and website flipping to the side. Today I consider myself an SEO Specialist...because there is no such thing as an SEO expert!" - Sonia Ingriselli

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