Immersive / Augmented Reality

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Immersive / Augmented Reality

Keith Jordan
The metaverse and the future of experiences
Director of Innovation, Labs as a Service at Mastercard

Mario López Baratas:
Account Manager & Technical Leader in Brintia (Bravent Co group) where he leads the innovation and mobility projects using the latest technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Mixed Reality, etc.

Mario will be talking about Immersive realities

With Immersive realities starting to make a name for themselves and become increasingly integrated in the industry.
Microsoft is a fundamental part of this revolution, thanks to its immersion and innovation in Mixed Reality with HoloLens.
As partners of Microsoft, in Brintia we have worked hand in hand with our clients throughout their project development process, as we work together towards innovation, adaption and the generation of real value within their business environments.
Mario Lopez, Technical Lead at Brintia, will delve into the world of Mixed Reality with HoloLens and how it can be applied to different business areas. In turn, they will present real cases of their usability and the tangible value that can be generated with them for our customers.
They will also discuss the creation process involved, as well as the technical and usability challenges to be faced during the development of projects of this type.
To conclude, the potential scope that these projects can have at both marketing and business levels will be demonstrated.
We will end the talk by displaying the latest advances on the new model of HoloLens