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first meetup
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hola a todos, deberíamos tener una primera reunión para planificar actividades en el futuro próximo. Por favor, sugerid una fecha en octubre de 2016. A mí me viene bien lunes, miércoles-viernes por la tarde. Posibles ideas? ¡Gracias!

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    Lo que hacemos

    This group's members will strive to write or contribute Libertarian agit-prop to move the masses and awake their consciences. We are all dependent on the Welfare State and subsirvient to several opportunisms and this group will fight this submissive mentality with artistic performances and products.

    Forms of agit-prop include displaying provocative placards in public places, giving speeches in Government buildings, reading subversive poetry while statist and collectivist politicians take decisions, etc.

    This group is not only against the Welfare State, but against opportunism, conformity, reduction of talent and the punishing of those who contribute more ideas and wealth.

    This group supports parties like the US Libertarian Party. We believe in virtuous capitalism, not crony capitalism or Chinese capitalism or Putinesque capitalism. Check (, , , or .

    Written messages will be printed mainly in English (Spanish is also acceptable, of course).

    For now, this group is _against_ the Welfare State, and related Opportunisms. With time we will find a positive description for our mission.

    And last but not least: We won't assault anybody, block motorists or streets, prevent others from moving freely, nor verbally or physically injure anyone, and won't make scapegoats of, or demonize others. And this include politicians, which are the ultimate villains nowadays.