Lo que hacemos

Look for this group: FIT CAMP Entrenamiento al aire libre | OUTDOOR WORKOUT (https://www.meetup.com/es-ES/FITNESSCAMP/)

or contact me directly: Felipe, whatsapp +34630075912


What is the FIT CAMP ?

The FIT CAMP or the BOOT CAMP is a functional training that you can do at different intensity.

Our purpose is to help people to include healthy and sporty routines in their daily life. Our training sessions are outside, dynamics and within a positive atmosphere. We want to share good vibes and positive attitude!!

At the same time, we are giving a lot of importance to nutrition. For us: 80% nutrition + 20% sport = Healthy mind + wellness. You can also have the opportunity to participate to our Free alimentation school, if you want to know more about nutrition. We are giving formation and some tips

Who are we?
FIT CAMP is a sport group program for each person who wants build his/her shape. There is no minimal sportive condition. You can join the group even if you have not a regular sport activity. The only thing that we are asking to you is to be consistent within the training session and follows the indications of your Wellness Coach (the person that brings you to the training session). In this case, I will be your Wellness Coach How much calories you can burn during a training session ?
You can loose until 500 kcal!! The exercises that we are doing help also your body to burn calories after the sport activity. What kinds of exercises we are doing?
We are doing different fitness exercises. Our purpose is to work with the strength of our body, Muscle toning, reaffirmation body and increase our strength and flexibility. Some examples of exercises are squats, burpees, abdominals, push ups…

What should I bring?
- Sporty clothes
- A bottle of water
- Towel
- Good vibes

With all the information, no lose time to register to our FIT CAMP training sesion!! After that, I am offering a FREE WELLNESS EVALUATION that can helps you to know more about your body composition and your nutrition habits. So please put you in contact with me. I will be more than happy to give you more information about this.

No wait any other second to register. The only thing you are going to lose is caloriiiiiiiies :D