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Welcome to Fashion, Dining, and Networking in Barcelona– one of the newest Meetup groups dedicated to locals, expats, new arrivals and tourists in Barcelona.

The purpose of the group is to introduce new arrivals, tourists to expats and locals while exploring restaurants and events in Barcelona.

Every week we host "Lunch In The City" & " Dinner" events we select restaurants and invite, locals, expats, tourists to connect over some great food, ambiance, and conversation.

L.I.T.C. and Dinner events can be requested to accommodate travel dates.

Everyone is invited to join that lives in Barcelona or wants to visit. Bringing all networks together from ASW, facebook, Linkedin.

This group is for anyone interested in:

#1 - Fashion: We will keep you informed of great events and workshops specific to fashion.

#2 - Dining: Barcelona has over 22,000 restaurants with so much diverse cuisine to explore.

#3 - Networking: Meet new friends. Let's make stuff happen!

Fees: donation 2 Euros non-obligatory.

Note: Consider it an organizer tip to help pay the Meetup fee and for the time and collaboration of planning great events.


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