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With new technologies disrupting industries globally, we're seeing a major changes in the Financial industry. In our meetups we want to talk about what's next in this exciting new space as we delve deeper into the digital transformation of our financial services happening right now.

• We are a knowledge sharing community and we organise networking with industry thought-leaders

• We invite expert speakers range from nascent technology evangelists to venture capital veterans

• We are bridging the gap between FinTech Entrepreneurs, investment community and the financial system.

• Come mix, mingle, network with other Financial Technologist's in our special designed meetups.

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Security tokens 2020

Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 9

2017 was, without doubt, the year of the ICOs. Crazy amounts of millions of dollars were raised by hundreds of projects under the promise of use cases using blockchain technology. Amidst exit scams, projects that overpromised and failed ones, the crazy hype quickly faded leaving thousands of people wondering why the invested in some projects in the first instance. The idea of raising money trough and ICO wasn't bad, but it needed some rules and sense to be feasible. That's how security tokens were born. Security tokens follow regulations, give equity to holders and holds responsible to the people in charge of the project for any wrongdoings committed. A leading company helping companies to issue security tokens is Polymath, and they will be with us explaining the work they do and how security tokens will disrupt investment in the near future Join us to learn how security tokens will be like in 2020, the evolution of the technology and the regulatory landscape. #Agenda 19:05 Security Tokens: Technology & Regulatory Evolution 19:30 Fireside chat with Thomas Borrel and Alex Puig about blockchain and security tokens. 20:00 Beers :) About Thomas Borrel Thomas leads the Product Strategy, Product Management and Product Marketing teams across Polymath’s product portfolio. Prior to joining Polymath, Thomas was Director of Product Management at Extreme Networks where he led Extreme’s Software and Cloud offerings. Prior to Extreme Networks, Thomas was VP, Business Development & Strategic Alliances at BlueCat Networks. Thomas holds a master’s degree from Toulouse University.

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