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We learn about Flutter and build beautiful native apps in record time. We organize talks, viewing parties and coding nights. All skill levels are welcome. Dart rocks.

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Reactive systems with WebSockets, Flutter side project with 180k installs

🎤 Michael Jancen-Widmer 🎤 👁 Developing Sight-Check ⏱ ~20 min Sight-Check is an opensource Flutter app that checks your eyesight. It took Michael one year of spare-time work to grow it to 180,000+ installations. It’s translated into 15 languages and has a solid 4-star rating. It currently only supports near vision diagnosis but more will be added next. https://sightcheck.github.io/ https://michaeljancen.com 🎤 Stefan Schaller, Julian Bissekkou and Tobias Marschall 🎯 Reactive systems with web-sockets ⏱ ~35 minutes This session focuses on working with web-sockets in your Flutter mobile application. You'll learn how to use web-sockets on a mobile device, how to handle errors (such as lack of internet connection), how to fetch information that you missed when you were offline and other web-socket specific issues you might face during development. HOST: The event is hosted by JetBrains: Developer Tools for Professionals and Teams. https://www.jetbrains.com/ CONTRIBUTE: 🗣️ If you would like to share your experience with Flutter, please feel free to contact us at any time. We have slots for presentations at this event. ⚡️We are also interested in lightning talks, so don't hesitate to reach out to us even if your talk is 10-minutes long or shorter. 🍕 Would you or your company like to host one of our upcoming events? Send us a message!

Flutter Coding Day (6+ hours of coding)

Elasticbrains GmbH

Let's take our study jams a bit further: Flutter Coding Day! I’d like to invite all of you to our first-ever weekend event. The concept is simple: we meet and we create beautiful apps together. This hackathon is a great opportunity to get together to learn and practice Flutter and Dart together, with enough time to get things done! It’s going to be a very laid-back event, with great conversations, drinks, and food. Flutter is Google’s portable UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively-compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. https://flutter.dev 👨‍💻 We prepared a list of awesome tutorials, so you can create something on your own, all the while we are there to help you in case you get stuck. 🐧 You can also bring your own ideas or work on open-source projects. ❓ You can come with questions, we’ll do our best to help you with any issue you bring. 🎤 At the end of the event, you’ll have the opportunity to show to the rest of us what you worked on (presenting is optional, but encouraged). IMPORTANT ✅ Keep your RSVP up-to-date. The seats are limited. If you can't make it, please update your RSVP so others can come to the event. Don't wait with your cancellation until the very last day. 💻 You need to bring your own computer. You will work on your own computer. 📱 Bring cables to connect your phone to your laptop, if you’d like to develop on a physical device (aka mobile phone). Some plugins don't work on an emulator or simulator ⚡ Don’t forget your charger. 👩‍💻 Finish the Installation Guide before the event. Installing everything for Android and iOS development takes some time, so don't wait until the event with the installation. If you already installed Flutter + its dependencies a while ago, upgrade and test that you can build/run apps. https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install 🏎 Finish the Test drive before the event. This ensures that you can run apps and your development environment is ready. https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/test-drive LOCATION 📍The location, drinks, snacks, and pizza are provided by Elasticbrains Munich GmbH - Digital Strategy & Product Development. Thank you for hosting us! For more info, go to https://elasticbrains.de/en/

Flutter Munich Anniversary - Full-stack development with Dart

On December 4th, 2018, Flutter 1.0 was announced and the first Flutter Munich event was held. We watched the Flutter Live event together and our mind was blown by the potential Flutter's promised! Since then we've had 12 events, grew to more than 500+ members and one of the largest Flutter communities in Munich. Let's celebrate that with some talks, gBräu beer and snacks before the winter holidays! TALKS: 🎤 Vince Varga 🎤 Full-stack development with Dart 🎯 ⏱ 45 min (presentation and live coding) Did you realize that you can target practically all platforms with Dart? Flutter lets you write mobile apps for iOS, Android and desktop and web support is already on the way. AngularDart is a mature technology for writing web apps. There are great web backend frameworks and you can also write command-line scripts with Dart. At this session, I'll live-code a full-stack simplified Hacker News clone using Dart (backend, mobile apps, and a single-page web app). 🗣📊 Would you like to present at this event? Get in touch! CONTRIBUTE: 🍕 Hosting a meetup is a great way to get exposure for your company. Would you like to host one of our events? We have different kinds of events, talks, study jams, hackathons, from 15 to 100 expected attendees. Check the upcoming events and get in touch. 🔊 We are already planning the next events, so don't hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to present. Lightning talks, live coding or longer presentations are all welcome! Anytime we have enough presentations, we'll have an event. Image source: https://dart.dev

Flutter in Bavaria - Share your Flutter story

💎 Have you built a great app with Flutter? This is the time to show it to the world! 🔧 We would like to hear about what you built at your company, your personal pet project, your work for a client. The talks should be a good mixture of Flutter, design, technology, your app/product/service, your team, an overview of the greatest challenges along the way. 🚀 This event is focussing on Flutter stories from our community. You can share what you created with Flutter and how your experience was. 🎤 Would you like to present? Please contact me if you, your company or your team is working on something awesome and using Flutter made shipping something great possible and you would like to share your story with us. ⏳ The spots for presentations are limited. I can't guarantee that you all can present at this event. Get in touch ASAP! 🗣 We are going to have 4 short Flutter stories, each presentation is going to last around 20 minutes.

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Coding night: Flutter Study Jam

codecentric AG

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