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GOI Academy Speakers Meetup
Have you ever wondered why you don't improve your presentation skills? If you have, this meetup is for you. Come and join our public speaking community lovers. Learning and practicing to communicate with the right tools will help you have better meetings, deliver better pitches, and give the best presentations. At GOI Academy monthly meetings, you will be able to learn from expert's workshops, have your own speaking coach, body language coach, and enhance your ability to communicate and engage thorough practice and professional guidance. The event is divided in three parts, one hour each: GOI Workshops - From 7-8 pm - Warm up + GOI Team Introduction + mini workshop Guest Speakers Space - From 8-9 pm Every month GOI will invite one or two guest speakers to deliver their talk to the audience. All GOI members that feel confident to deliver a talk can also apply. Own The Room - From 9-10pm Each person will have the opportunity to practice on their presence and impact on the stage. Giving their own two-minute presentation about whatever they choose or guided by GOI's team. If you are interested, visit our website to get your membership ( for 3, 6 or 12 months. GOI Academy Membership ( With your first membership package or membership renewal, GOI will grant one extra ticket for the GOIAcademy Speakers Meetup, so you can invite someone to this incredible experience. If you would like to try one event first before becoming a member, please send us an email to [masked] and we will send you an invitation to purchase your ticket. We look forward to seeing you all and have a great time! Best Regards, Team GOI “Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.” - Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ¿Te has preguntado alguna vez por qué no mejoras tus habilidades de presentación? Aprender y practicar a comunicarte con las herramientas adecuadas te ayudará a tener mejores reuniones, y dar las mejores presentaciones. En las reuniones mensuales de la Academia GOI, podrás aprender con los talleres de expertos, tener tu propio entrenador de habla, entrenador de lenguaje corporal, y mejorar tu capacidad para comunicarte con prácticas exhaustivas y orientación profesional. El evento se divide en tres partes, cada una de 1hora de duracion: Talleres GOI: de 19h a 20h . - Calentamiento + introducción del equipo GOI + mini taller Own The Room: de 20h a 21h . Cada persona tendrá la oportunidad de practicar sobre su presencia e impacto en el escenario. Dando su propia presentación de dos minutos sobre lo que elijan o guiados por el equipo de GOI. Espacio para ponentes invitados: de 21h a 22h . Todos los meses GOI invitará a uno o dos ponentes a dar su charla a la audiencia. Todos los miembros de GOI que se sientan seguros de ofrecer una charla también pueden presentar una solicitud. Si está interesado, visita nuestro sitio web para obtener tu membership durante 3, 6 o 12 meses. Con tu primer paquete o renovación de membership, GOI te otorgará una entrada adicional para el GOIAcademy Speakers Meetup, para que puedas invitar a alguien a esta increíble experiencia. Si desea probar un evento antes de convertirse en miembro, envíenos un correo electrónico a [masked] y le enviaremos una invitación para comprar tu ticket. ¡Un saludo y nos vemos pronto! Equipo GOI Twitter: @GOIBarcelona Instagram: @galleryofideas.goi Facebook: @galleryofideas Linkedin: @goi galleryofideas Google+: @Gallery of Ideas YouTube Subscribe:

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Gallery of Ideas event is about FUSION of senses, real time sharing, connecting, fun and knowledge in a form of intellectual CHILL OUT, engaging people’s senses and emotions with incredible inspiring experiences.

The aim of Gallery of Ideas Conference is to bring creative people and curious minds all together.
​ And unlock the art of public speaking, stir excitement, share knowledge and insights, and promote a shared interest.

We believe that at GOI there’s a common destination, we want people to arrive at, whether its to inspire action, to learn something new or to explore the world in a different way.

During the evening of Gallery of Ideas you will experience fusion music, 10 min talks, live performances, drinks, dinner and cocktails of knowledge.

The fourth series of GOI May 10th 2018 at the Café del Mar Club Barcelona is themed:


Gallery of Ideas brings together top-level executives, creators, artists to explore global perspectives and the shift from the 20th centuries "Industrialism" to the "Digital era" of the 21st century.

We focus on the critical role we all have in leading the change and inspire action in our global community. (

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