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Hello everyone!

This is a group for all instruments & singers of all levels (beginner to advanced) who are interested in learning how to:

- Play songs by Ear/Solfege (finding the chords and the melody by ear)
- Understand music in its entire form and deepen your theoretical knowledge
- Improve the ability to hear, distinguish, hear and feel colours, intervals, scales, chords and modes in music
- Memorise music quickly
- Expand your musical horizons
- Analyse and categorise music in order to simplify it
- And for people who feel stuck concerning their musical knowledge and want to move forward

Almost everything that is explained in music theory can be heard. But where as the human brain understands musical concepts quite quickly the ear usually lags behind and needs time and the right method of practice to keep up with the brain. I find that a great ear is finally one of the most important skills we should develop as musicians.

Location: La Barceloneta (The exact address will be given in the meetup event).
Languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian
Duration per class: 2h.
Price per class: Will be announced in the event.

Instruments: All Instruments!

To learn more about me please visit: