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Girona Social is here for you to make new friends. So many of us too cannot speak the local language. It's a life saver for some of us who cannot communicate. I know it was for me when I first came to Girona!

When you choose a profile picture please can it be one of you - not an animal or one of your kids etc. Also a nice closeup would be better so we know what you look like when you come to an event.

Welcome and enjoy your stay

The GS team

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Chat and Beer and Tea and Wine, end of the day for a relaxing time

We talk mainly English, but any language goes! Come and make some new friends! Please signup! There are always about 10-15 of us so if there are only one or two signed up please still come! If Im not there sit outside the weather is nice....finally!

Coffee and Conversation

König Migdia

Join us for some chat, coffee and just a fun get together. We meet every Wednesday. Dont worry if you dont see anyone out their name down here there is always about 10-15 of us!

Girona Stammtisch!!!!

Lapsus Cafè

Hallo! Endlich haben wir es geschafft, einen Stammtisch in Girona zu organisieren! Wir treffen uns jeden Freitag um 19 Uh in der Bar Croak's um unser Deutsch zu üben und, vor allem, einen schönen Abend zu verbringen. Ihr seid alle herzlich willkommen, nur musst ihr euch auf Deutsch unterhalten können. Bis bald!

Poker Nights. I'm ALL in are you?

Lugar por decidir

Poker chat and food. What more do you need? Location to be given out once you have signed up. We welcome players who don't know the game. Come and learn!!

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Swing and Vermut

La Rosaleda Jardí Degustació

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