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Meetups at Centre Civic Pedret in Girona first Friday evening of every month for web developers and mobile app developers in Girona and Girones area (except July and August). Open to anyone interested in developing, running an internet-based business or with start up ambitions but with a focus on the technology stack, learning and sharing tips and methods. The aim is to offer training/discovery talks - eg around Javascript, frameworks, servers, development methods - followed by the chance to network and discover like-minded people.

Got an idea for a talk or want to present your project - let us know!

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LAMP to MEAN - transitioning the development stack
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Session for developers in transition or still considering the transition from the Linux-Apache-MySql-PHP (or similar stack), to Mongo-Express-Angular-Node with a Javascript base.

Approaches to web components
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Among all the new frameworks is a developing body of work around web components. A web component is an encapsulated combination of template, content, script and styling with binding/hot-link. Various frameworks are developing components in different ways and companies like Google's Polymer is slowly feeding into browsers. This session will cover different approaches and directions that components is moving. (Sign up and we'll schedule the date).

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Beyond simple animations with SVG, CSS and javascript

Centre Civic Pedret