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We're thinking about running a Local HQ for next year's Gopher Gala (, happening in January 22 to 24.

It is a 2 days long internationally distributed coding contest, where people, in teams of 1 to 4 members, work on an application mostly based in Go. Those chosen by the community and the expert judges ( chosen for the event, may win prizes (

Our new sponsor BigSEO ( kindly offered their offices to hold our Local HQ... Thank you so much! I want to thank you also Ivan Fraixedes for helping bringing such cool people to us!

We'll have the offices for us from 9 to 20, both Saturday and Sunday, though teams can keep hacking during the rest of the weekend, from any other place.

If you have a project or idea, you need to register it (, but remember you can't code anything until Saturday, at 2 o'clock, local time.

Steps left are:

• Agree on the Friday meeting location.

• If you already have a project or idea, register it at Gopher Gala, and share here, so people can ask for joining. Remember 1 to 4 people per team. I also prepared a form to share ( these, which adds them to a spreadsheet, so others can see ( and think about joining.

• Find out some more sponsors to pay food and drinks. We can decide to put money in a common pool for drinks and some food, alternatively. Or anyone manage their food. Please, veggies, vegans, or anyone with allergies and so on, send me a message so I can count with that.