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After the golang 1.6 release party, let's continue with 2 awesome talks from two great speakers:

• William Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Studios ( in Miami, FL, a mobile, web app and systems development company. He is also a co-author of the book Go In Action ( , the author of the blog GoingGo.Net ( and the organizer for the Go ( and MongoDB ( meetup in Miami. Bill is focused on Go education and through his new venture Ardan Labs (, Bill can often be found talking at conferences and giving workshops both locally and over hangouts. He always finds time to work with individuals and groups who want to take their Go knowledge, blogging and coding skills to the next level. @goinggodotnet (

• Ivan Fraixedes is involved and collaborating with a some tech and open source communities, working in a few side projects and helping to design and build maintainable software for organizations, consolidated companies, startups and individuals. @ifraixedes (

The first talk will be an online hangout with William Kennedy who has been so kind to give us a talk despite of his location and time zone.

• Go, the fusion of performance and productivity:

Go is the fusion of performance and productivity. It provides language features that are sympathetic with modern hardware and operating system design. Shielding developers from much of this complexity and allowing them to focus on writing clear and simple code that can easily be reasoned about. In this talk I will show you one aspect where Go is sympathetic with the hardware and how we can best take advantage of it.

The second talk will be done in person by Ivan, live and in color at a venue like all the others talk where we can chat and drink some beers.

• Profiling in Go.

Go is attributed to have an amazing tool-chain, some of them implemented and provided by the same Golang team and other by the community.

As software engineers, we know that keeping our code base maintainable is the most, or at least one of the most, important things to achieve, for many reasons, but one of those is because we are usually quite a few people working on a code base; however, sometimes we also have to face problems which are quite related in how our implementations performs in terms of CPU and memory usage and then, it's when a profiler is very useful.

Hence, my talk will give an introduction of the profiling tools provided, out of the box, by Go and how it can help us to spot the bottlenecks of our implementations to know from an engineering point of view what we have to refactor.

Last but not least, save the date and join us for these really awesome talks.