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Open day

This weekend I have a huge pleasure to invite you to the place that I have opened for you. I am grateful to so many people who supported me in creating this space, where you can come, forget about everything and just dive into the conversation with yourself.

OPEN DAY is for you to feel the vibration yoga gives through my guidance.

FREE ENTRANCE Come anytime on

FRIDAY between 17.00 and 20.00
SATURDAY between 10.00 and13.00

Homy atmospere, amazing company and delicious refreshments.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME no matter of the age, or experience

WHAT will happen within these 3 hour each day?


MEDITATION- I will take you onto the journey within yourself. I will show you how to clean thoughts, get distanced from our emotions and how to consciously build our world. It all starts with a single thought.

WHY YOGA- I will share with you what yoga brought to my life, I will share how I used it to change my reality.

IS IT FOR ME- you will have a chance to talk about YOU, about your needs face to face with me, but only if you feel like ;-)
You will be able to let me know what your goal is and we will see how I can support you in the way to achieve it.

NETWORKING you will meet othes who either have been doing yoga with me for a while now, or those who started recently, or are about to.
Sharing sessions, meditations get people closer, we share the energy at the end of the day ☺

You too can become a part of our Inside Chill family <3

( I bow to you)

Please email me for the exact location: