Introduction to Open Source

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WordPres, Joomla, Drupal, Linux, Apache, SQL, Python, Ubuntu etc. What do all of these softwares have a common? There are all free Open Source software. Want to learn more about what Open Source software is about? Then attend our upcoming meetup at hapaSpace. The meet up "Introduction to Open Source" will touch on topics such as:

- What is Open Source Software and what does it really mean?
- Different Open Source licenses and how they can be used.
- How free, open software can help cut major operating costs off your business and increase profits.
- How major organisations use Open Source software to achieve their business goals.
- The importance of Open Source software and the people who contribute to them.
- How to contribute to such software.
- The WordPress open source CMS (Content Management System)
- How to make a living from Open Source software and many more.

(Item 13) Snack and drinks will be provide!

This event is an initiative by WordPress Foundation to spread more knowledge about Open Source philosophy.