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ODSC brings together the open source and data science communities with the goal of helping its members learn, connect and grow.

The focus of this Meetup group is to allow ODSC to work with Meetup groups, non-profits, and other organizations to present informative lectures, workshops, code sprints and networking events to help grow the use of open source languages and tools within the data science and data-centric community. As such, our specific goals are:

1. Build a collaborative group to work with other Meetup groups, non-profits, and other organizations.

2. Promote the use of open source languages and tools amongst data scientists and others.

3. Host educational workshops.

4. Spread awareness of new open source languages and tools that can be used in data science.

5. Contribute back to the open source community.

Who is this meetup for?

• Data engineers, analysts, scientists, and other practitioners

• R, Python and other software engineers who work with data or want to learn

• Data visualization developers and designers

• Non-technical team leads, executives, and other decision makers from data centric startups and large companies looking to utilize open source tools

Get Involved with our Meetups:

• Speaker Form ( https://docs.google.com/a/odsc.com/forms/d/1trkCoecAMa8za_ZzfN5bW6ZNBaRlmqJSQvuME_2nbJA/edit?usp=drive_web ) - Submit a talk, tutorial, or panel.

• Suggest a Meetup Topic Form ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rEjO3UMMXRXtY8Yr_J_jj3ebYwsIFqcGA6FZzWK4rd0/edit )

• Volunteer Form ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Vu3B72avz2I1xx618pEFGsuywZE9t4n78br9vSEX9oE/edit )

• Host or Sponsor Form ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eyM9hJ3l8TlNmw35re65mH7mFCmsPoRZ1p5RJQEVhnk/edit )

• Showcase your Startup Form ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oz8A4fbfe6HHs71v4nMpcf9FP_kpS9CcCfd3qIBS5HU/edit )

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· LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/open-data-science/

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Hotel Novotel London West

Buy your ticket at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/odsc-europe-2019-open-data-science-conference-tickets-54242269087?discount=Meetup19 About the Conference The annual ODSC Europe in London brings together the most influential data scientists, practitioners, innovators, and thought leaders in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. ODSC Europe showcases the best and the brightest when it comes to Data Science, including many open source data science pioneers. Learn from leading 120+ experts in hands-on trainings, workshops and talks on everything you need in applied data science and artificial intelligence. Day One - Accelerate AI and Training Sessions The Accelerate AI Business Summit holds talks and panels about the Business of AI and data science plus network with industry leaders. Day Two - Training Sessions Enhance your data science skills through training sessions taught by world-class data science instructors, in small class sizes. Here you'll strengthen your technical skills and boost your professional profile through hands-on trainings led by core contributors. Day's Three and Four - Workshop and Talk Sessions Further your data science knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals at the many conference talks and workshops. Tools, Topics, and Languages Impress your boss and colleagues with the skills you gain at ODSC Europe. Here’s just a sample of the tools, topics, and languages we'll be covering in 4 days: Topics: Recommendation Systems, Transfer Learning, Machine Vision, Autonomous Machines, Conversational AI, Data Science Research, Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition, Unsupervised Learning, Image Classification, Self-driving Vehicles, and Machine Translation Languages: Python, R Julia, Scala, Pig/Hive/NoSQL Tools: Python, Jupyter Notebooks, R programming, Julia, Scala, Stan, Apache Spark, MLlib, Streaming, Tensorflow, MXNet, Caffe, CNTK, Scikit-learn, Theano, Shogun, Pylearn2, Azure ML, Amazon ML,H20.ai, Cloud ML, Neo4J, D3.js, R-Shiny, Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache Flink, Kafka, Druid Networking Opportunities Connect with 1,800 of your data science peers from around the world at these networking opportunities provided throughout the conference: Daily Coffee Breaks / Review the talks over coffee Career Expo / Cross paths with startups and Fortune 500 companies looking to hire talented data scientists Office Hours Session / Drop in and bring your questions, big and small Share a meal and ideas with like-minded individuals at Dinner with Data Scientists. (This a self-organized event. ODSC suggests the venue and provides a signup sheet. Each individual is responsible for their own dinner cost.)

AI Investors Reverse Pitch @ ODSC Europe 2019

Hotel Novotel

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science startups are in hot demand from investors. Hear top investment firms & VCs seeking AI and Data Science Startups describe what fits their portfolio. For example, you'll hear that a fund prefers SaaS startups in finance with 3 customers between an angel and A round. As part of our AI Investors Reverse Pitch evening, ODSC is delighted to host the following investment Partners. Attend and learn key insight into what investors are seeking in artificial intelligence and data science startups. Confirmed Partners and VC Firms: Eva Rez - Investor at Sky Peter Zhegin - Venture Partner at Sistema VC and more to be confirmed... AI Investor Reverse Pitch Pass Wednesday, 19th of November 6:15 - 8:15 PM This is a two-hour event, which gives you access to the whole AI Investor Reverse Pitch. This pass is not valid for any other ODSC Europe event. Doors open at 5:50 pm. Please do not arrive before 5:50 pm.

[FREE] ODSC Europe 2019 Conference Meetup

Hotel Novotel London West

This event requires registration at the link below: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/conference-meetup-odsc-europe-2019-tickets-77266930469 We are excited to invite you to join together with your fellow Data Scientists on November, 20th at ODSC Conference Meetup. Schedule: 6:15 pm - 6:45 pm - Networking 6:45 pm - 7:30 pm - Session 1 + Q&A 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm - Session 2 + Q&A Agenda: Session 1 - Machine Learning in Real-Time: Predicting Taxi Fare - 35 mins + 10 min Q&A Speaker #1: Alexandre Combessie, Data Science Lead at Dataiku https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexcbs/ Bio: Alex has been a happy Data Scientist at Dataiku for 3 years, applying Machine Learning (but not only) to solve real issues. To him, putting a data project in production is like writing a good Haiku. Prior to that, He was involved in building the data science team at Capgemini Consulting. Alex started his career in economics, so he likes his models interpretable as well as deep. He is into traveling, learning new things and crafting useful products. Abstract: Today, the benefit of Machine Learning is conditioned to its deployment in real-time. In this talk, we will explain how to deploy a real-time taxi fare prediction engine to power an Uber-like application. Along the cycle of developing such project, we will highlight key lessons we learned: - Understand the problem before building models - Do not add features for the sake of features - Try as many algorithms as possible - Simplify your pipeline before deployment Session 2 - 35 mins + 10 min Q&A Talk and abstract - TBD Speaker #2: Vincent Spruyt, Chief Innovation Officer at Sentiance https://www.linkedin.com/in/vincentspruyt/ Bio: Vincent serves as Chief Innovation Officer at Sentiance, a scale-up that uses AI to model, predict and coach human behavior using smartphone sensor data. Previously, he acted as Chief Scientist and Vice President of Sentiance since joining in June 2014, during which he was responsible for building out the machine learning team at Sentiance, applying state-of-the-art academic research to real-life problems. Vincent holds a Ph.D. in machine learning and was awarded the MIT innovators under 35 award in 2017. He founded several startups in his past and has years of experience in both the technology industry and the world of academic research. Being the driving force behind the Ethical AI task force within Sentiance, he is deeply involved in the process of providing tooling and education to ensure algorithmic fairness across the Sentiance platform.

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