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Why TypeScript?

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Unit13 - 44-48 Wharf road N1 7UX · Londres

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Hi JSLovers!

Have you ever asked you why you should use Typescript instead of Vanilla Javascript? If so, finally you will have the answers to your question!

AGENDA (110 seats available)

18.45 - 19.45/20.00 Why Typescript? - Quique Fdez Guerra

20.00 - 20.30 QA + Networking

Why Typescript?

I hate when someone says that one tool is better than other, because I think that any tool could be good depending on your team, the current project, the client's team, etc. Ok, but why TypeScript? Because it can help your project or your team. Let's see how by introducing all the features and showing different examples and environments where TypeScript can help us being more productive, having a more maintainable project or introducing your team to JavaScript world easily, among other examples.

I like to describe myself as a creative developer, focused on JavaScript on frontend and backend but also playing with Sass and Cordova or sometimes with .NET. I'm working at Plain Concepts and I'm founder of the NGO HelpDev.