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It was the dawn of the Third Age of Fankind. The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Meetup Project was a dream given form. Its goal - to create a place where science fiction fans could meet up. It is a port of call, a home away from home for Trekkers, Whovians, Browncoats, 'Scapers and all Sci-Fi/Fantasy interests. Sci-Fi fans chatting, watching sci-fi, playing games and more under a single roof on a planet spinning at a thousand miles an hour, all alone in the night. It can be a silly place but is our last, best hope for Sci-Fi fans to meet up in London.

We are a long-established Sci-Fi/Fantasy group meeting regularly each month and also arranging a lot of other outings and events (these are not put on Meetup so come along to find out more). Everyone is welcome to attend but as we meet in a pub, if you are under 18 you will need an adult to accompany you. There is no charge to join this Meetup group or attend any of its meetings.

Come join us!

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October Sci-Fi & Fantasy Meeting

The Mad Hatter

Starting from 6pm, we will be meeting up for a fun evening full of great conversations with other Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans (along with a drink or two!). There is usually a Sci Fi and Fantasy based pub quiz or game around 8.30pm. We're a long established Sci-Fi group so if you come along, you'll hear about all the other fun events we arrange which aren't always put on Meetup. First timers are always welcome. There is no charge to attend - just bring enough money for drinks and food. Come along - you'll have a good time!

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September Sci-Fi & Fantasy Meeting

The Mad Hatter

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