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Madrid Cassandra Users is part of a global network for cloud-native enthusiasts, specifically for developers looking to explore the Apache Cassandra™ project and it’s wider ecosystem. We are interested in technologies like Cloud Computing, Cloud Native, Serverless, Containers and other related topics. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community and welcome members from all backgrounds and experience levels! So even if you are just starting out on your cloud-native development journey or have been going for some time, this is the place to be!

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This group is run by the DataStax Developers team, a DataStax community service. We are a group dedicated to increasing your knowledge and levelling up your skills by bringing you some of the best FREE and EDUCATIONAL content there is! We focus only on Open Source Software - no marketing pitches. From Developers for Developers.

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Workshop: Apache Cassandra™ meets Kubernetes!

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Apache Cassandra™ meets Kubernetes!

Apache Cassandra™ is used in cloud-native applications that require resilience and scalability - and lots of it! With multiple nodes replicating data all the time, understanding the health of these systems requires advanced knowledge and tooling. Users could spend a lot of time investigating and exploring solutions to ensure operational stability of their C* clusters. But wait, deploying a scalable, elastic and self-healing data plane in Kubernetes should be easy...shouldn't it?

Thanks to a great community collaboration called K8ssandra (https://k8ssandra.io/) it has become exactly that - easy. K8ssandra is a production-ready platform for running Apache Cassandra™ on Kubernetes. K8ssandra looks to provide these solutions from the start in a simple easy to deploy package - this includes metrics, data anti-entropy services, and backup tooling.


Join the DataStax Developers as we introduce you to how Cassandra’s architecture and logical fault domains are complimented by Kubernetes - you’ll take a typical containerized application and deploy it with a fully automated data service backed by Apache Cassandra™. Come and see how you can move fast with confidence and very few trade-offs. Don’t miss it!


To help us get all the materials out to you we ask that you please sign up on Eventbrite - this makes our communications much easier. Any questions feel free to post them here!

Register -- https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cloud-native-workshop-apache-cassandratm-meets-kubernetes-tickets-142078180663?aff=meetup

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Workshop: Game Development! 🎮

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