From Chatbots to Digital Assistants : The Art of Possible


Welcome to "From Chatbots to Digital Assistants".

This is a two-session meet-up, where we´ll review, demonstrate and play with the latest Digital Assistant tech. platform.

Join us in this journey to discover the difference between chatbots and Digital Assistants in this new Conversational Era, learn about using a bot in different channels ( Skype, Facebook, Slack, Siri, Google Voice and even with Alexa), and how bots deal with complex situations involving human collaboration.

This is the plan!

- Session#1: "From Chatbots to Digital Assistants : The Art of Possible"
[13th December´18] [ THIS MEET UP EVENT ]

- Session#2: "From Chatbots to Digital Assistants : Hands-on Lab"
[17th Januar´19] []

Agenda: The Art of Possible
- Introduction
- Why´s relevant
- What´s possible
- Q&A
- Mingling!

Sounds exciting? It is!
Join us and have fun with us while learning about the future of technology. We have limited spots, be fast and get yours!

* This information will be updated