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GeekBeers - Programming with Scala - Why?

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CodeSpace Academy

Calle Compositor Lehmberg Ruiz, 13 · Málaga

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At the brand new CodeSpace Academy just beside Cortefiel

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Programming With Scala, Why? And free beers of course...

Cristina Heredia a creative and curious fellow geek from Granada will give us the rundown on Scala. She is also an organizer of the Geek&TechGirls organization, which is a commmunity in Granada that tries to bring free software and girls and women together.

Cristina with her own words

"I'm creative and curious, and still learning more about scala. I have done a talemtum grant in telefónica where I've been developing a system to detect moles changes on skin (in scala). I've also been teaching technology to girls for some weeks. And I'm studying a data science master's degree at university of Granada while working a part-time at Conecta13. Oh and I'm a Debian 9 tester"


What is Scala and what is special about Scala?

Why is it getting so popular programming in Scala?

What does Scala give us?

Cristina will give us the answer to these and more questions, while also showcasing some illustrative Scala examples.


19:00 - welcome

19:10 - Programming With Scala, Why? with Cristina Heredia

20:10 - Lightning talks - 5 Minutes, non profit - GO!

20:30 - FREE beers and WINE - Mingle!