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Free Book Discussion Club
Are you in love with books and interesting conversations? If so, you are very welcome to come and join us at Sandwichez in “Ronda de Sant Antoni” every other Saturday at 11 pm. The group is open to all kind of book and ideas lovers, fiction (classic literature, sci-fi, poetry, etc.) and non-fiction (philosophy, psychology, biographies, science, history, etc) alike. We generally go around the table talking about the subject and main ideas (non-fiction) or the argument (fiction) of the book we have chosen to talk about and explain why we would recommend it to the group. Other people have often read the same books, and they can exchange impressions; others want to know more about it or have opinions about the ideas represented in the book... And this usually sparks some very interesting conversations! So, come with us, share your favorite books and join the conversation! Or, if you can't think of any books at the moment, don't worry. You can also attend and enjoy the recommendations and exchange of ideas, and join the conversation when you feel like it. No pressure!


C/ Ronda Sant Antoni 35 · Barcelona

Lo que hacemos

This group is for all those who enjoy reading in English. We will meet to discuss about our favourite readings, recommend books and talk about authors and culture, always in English. Natives and non-natives welcome.