Lo que hacemos

The groups is all about people from different cultures coming together to socialise and enjoy arts and cultural activities.

It is being relaunched having been dormant for a while. Previously it attracted professionals, artists, students and the genuinely open-minded. It seeks to do so again.

Through our activities (events we attend or organise) e.g. exhibitions, gigs, drinks, talks etc, we aim to expand the opportunities for people of similar/ differing cultures to share experiences and interact in a holistic and sincere manner.

If you enjoy the arts and engaging with people from around the World who have different cultural perspectives you are welcome to join us.

Próximos eventos (3)

Bored? Let us play..... 'board games' at the Chapel Playhouse Bar, Kings Cross

Let us 'play'. Connect 4, Jenga, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, draughts (checkers). We will be rolling the dice and hoping for sixes. And for only the brave.... twister anyone??? Go on. I dare you. All this will be taking place at the Chapel Playhouse bar called Bread and Roses at The Chapel. The bar/ kitchen is a great place to sample Dominican Street food or chill with a glass of wine, beer or other non-alcoholic aperitif. This promises to be an evening for members to have fun, relax, chit chat and mingle. Cheers ***************** Organized by 'Different Planet' - the multicultural arts and social network www.diffplanet.net

Guided tour - Medicine Man at Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection

Sir Henry Wellcome was an enthusiastic traveller and collector – amassing well over a million books, paintings and objects from around the world. Most of his collecting was in the two areas that fascinated him the most – health and medicine. ‘Medicine Man’ is our free permanent display of a small part of that huge collection. Here, you can find out how people have viewed the basics of life over the centuries – birth, health, sex and death. Explore a wide range of objects that includes a set of Japanese sex aids from the 1930s, a unique collection of votive offerings and some diagnostic dolls used by women in 18th century China to show male doctors where they were feeling pain. We also have a metal executioner’s mask from Portugal. There are also some direct connections to major historical figures. The exhibition features Napoleon’s toothbrush, Nelson’s razor, Charles Darwin’s walking stick, Florence Nightingale’s moccasins and even some of King George III’s hair. *********************** The tour will be conducted by one of the collection's Visitor Experience Assistants. For those who have time we will being going to a nearby coffee shop afterwards to enable members socialize.

Social get-together. Let's meet, chat and mingle - 'The multicultural mixer'

Bring your smiles and get ready to mingle. It's all about taking it easy and letting the conversation flow. The Fountain and Ink is a cool bar within walking distance of Waterloo station. They serve a great range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and prepare amazingly delicious pizza on the premises. Like many city bars things are much calmer on Saturdays than on heady Friday nights, making the perfect setting to converse rather than shout. Let the good times flow - be there or be square...! ************************************************************************* www.diffplanet.net The multicultural arts and social network