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Need a LOT of makers to help with a major rework of our Green Way shop commons. You can learn, learn and HELP make a BIG difference. This is an area we ALL use regardless of our home tribe. Let's put more work tables, make more room for glass/goldsmithing/handtool work, large projets. Let's make sure the tools all have homes so we find find them readily! Let's add a composities and plastics area. All thing YOU need. Our fearless project leader says "LET's DO THIS THING!" IMPORTANT: SIGN up for a CREW! Sign Up for a crew on Optional: Join in for planning info on our Slack channel #greenwayrework. Note: woodshop and green way areas will be closed for any other uses during this event.

Nova Labs (Woodshop)

1916 Isaac Newton Square West · Reston, VA

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The NOVA Makers Meetup group is dedicated to creating and supporting a Maker community in Northern Virginia. Everyone with a passion and interest in making things is welcome to join! For more information visit our website To get started, visit our lab at the listed address from M-F 5:30pm to 8:30pm or weekends from 1-4pm. Or signup on our meetup for an Open House.

We'll see you in Orange Bay!


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