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Pugs meeting pugs! Pug families meeting other pug families! A meeting of Pug loving minds! Come join the fun!

We are a self-supporting, independent social group and are not affiliated with any organization or business.

While the majority of our members reside in the NYC area, we have members that come from all reaches of the world! We do not subscribe to the idea of cliques, groups or factions. We are ONE GINORMOUS pug loving family!

Our events and all communications (message board, email & social media outlets) are educational, entertaining and even helpful on occasion!

We host private pug-centric indoor Meetups on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Our events are "pay-to-play" which means we collect attendance fees for EVERY breathing creature that walks through the doors. Those fees are used to pay for a variety of things throughout the year -- bi-annual meetup.com fees, event venue fees, goody bags, contest/raffle prizes, etc.

Venues, themes and minimum requirements, vary by event so please read event details carefully!

R.S.V.P.'s are mandatory to attend and are closed at 8AM the morning of each event.

*Important Note: This is not a breeder's group. Both you and your posts will be immediately removed if you join our group with intentions of soliciting members for breeding purposes or selling pug puppies.

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Este contenido solo está disponible para miembros

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