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Liverpool writing meetup
Hi all, This is the third planned meetup for Liverpool writer's group. Bring along your prose, poetry and script work for a productive day of craft! We have a venue at last: Brasco Lounge, Liverpool have kindly accommodated North West Writing. 12:00 = meet at Brasco lounge. The ending time is an estimate and will depend on how many people turn up. This month's focus will be on sharing ideas and drafts with a welcoming group of people. Feedback will be about helping each other to develop as writers and not about criticising, so don't worry if you feel a little nervous! There's no need to have any previous experience with writing, as long as you are passionate and prepared to share ideas and inspiration. You can share you work however you wish to do it - reading aloud, or printing off multiple copies to hand around. This will be the last writing session before February 2019, which is when Liverpool writer's group will be back again! Becky (organiser) If you cannot find the group or need to contact me on the day, please leave me a private message and I will try to get back to you asap.

Brasco Lounge

27A Mann Island, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool, L3 1BP · Liverpool

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About North West Writing:

At its heart, North West Writing is for anyone who wants to knuckle down and write that novel/play/film that's been whirling round your head for too long! Hopefully as the group grows, we can create the micro-environment just needed to concentrate hard on our writing.

No matter the level of experience, or style of writing, there will be something available for everyone. As writing can often be a lonely business, this is a chance for you to learn new skills, develop your craft and meet other like-minded people.

North West Writing aims to cover Liverpool and Manchester. Feel free to check our sister group: Leeds Writing Meetup (