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It has become increasingly obvious that our exciting modern life style has made us very unhealthy. Many of the current diseases, stem from bad food. Our body reacts to that but we do not want to know what caused it; the stomach is seen as an erroneous reaction to proper food, instead of normal reaction to improper food. If we have a headache we will take a pill rather than investigating what caused it. True healing is not just getting ride of the headache but discovering why we had it in the first place.
The group aims at discussing the impact of food in your health and generate good diet habits.

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Desayunos Energeticos - Especial comida de Primavera

Valencia Buddhist Centre

Desayunos Energeticos - Especial Primavera

Nenuphae Centro de Bienestar

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Desayunos Energeticos - Get a great morning boost!!!

Valencia Buddhist Centre